Development of Tether in Georgia. "Memorandum of understanding"

Cryptocurrencies are becoming more and more integrated into everyday life in Georgia every day. And Tether - the leading issuer of stablecoins - is interested in this more than others. The other day, Tether signed a “Memorandum of Understanding” (MOU) with the government of the country, which will contribute to the development of Tether in Georgia, the promotion of blockchain technologies, peer-to-peer infrastructure, and even Bitcoin.

MOU will strengthen a strategic partnership that aims to make Georgia a hub of innovative technologies and attract new digital investment flows to the country.

Development of Tether in Georgia

According to Paolo Ardoino, CTO of Tether Limited, the memorandum is another successful link in the company's global strategy, the essence of which is to build innovative progressive cities and nations. Through cooperation with the government of Georgia, they will be able to create the most favorable environment for the promotion, development and integration of blockchain technologies, both in the everyday life of Georgians and in the global economic sense for the country.

Tether also developed another successful solution to popularize cryptocurrencies in Georgia. They actively cooperate with educational institutions and, first of all, with the leading technical university and the research center of Georgia BTU. It is there that they create initiatives and training programs that are designed to introduce students and everyone to peer-to-peer systems, stablecoins and blockchain in general.

The memorandum is useful to each of the parties. Cryptocurrency education, investments and technologies contribute to the development of Georgia as a potential world leader in innovation. And Tether will significantly strengthen the blockchain ecosystem and popularize it among a larger population. In addition, not only local startups and businesses will benefit, but Georgia in general as an attractive digital space for companies and professionals from all over the world.

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