NFT with aftertaste. New project WineChain

What can wine and cryptocurrencies have in common? Recently - a lot in common!

Well-known winemakers and world-class retailers have created the WineChain project. Thanks to him, wine enthusiasts can purchase exclusive samples from legendary wine houses for personal collections.

Wine Chain Project

The bottom line is that WineChain, a premium NFT marketplace, offers users not only to buy digital items, but also backs them up with physical wine. This allows "wine geeks" to own exclusive drinks before they hit the market. And these are not ordinary wines, because the project cooperates with the world's best producers.

Among the creators of the project are well-known representatives of the wine market and the Web2/Web3 industry: Marc Perrin, Guillaume Jourdan, Xavier Garambois and Nicolas Mendiharat.

WineChain integrates with Ethereum and uses the Polygon platform to issue wine NFTs. The creators believe that blockchain technology is more suitable than anything else for authentication, sale and proof of ownership. All stages of the purchase are recorded in the blockchain until the bottle is sent to the owner. And, in order to avoid fraudsters trying to get the drink again, the original NFT is burned.

Why is WineChain cool?

One of the main advantages of the project is the guarantee of high quality and authenticity of the offered wines. In addition, it is exclusive - partner winemakers sell their drinks with NFT only on this platform. All bottles are insured and kept under appropriate conditions (humidity, temperature, etc.) from the winery to the owner. The customer can compare the digital code on the NFT with the one on the label of their bottle.

What is WineFT?

These are wine NFTs presented on this marketplace. This is a digital asset that is backed up by a bottle of the corresponding wine. WineFT is burned when the bottle is sent to a new owner.

WineChain has already managed to hold several drops, at one of which connoisseurs could purchase WineFT for French wine from Bordeaux Cos d'Estournel 2009 vintage. And now a drop has been launched for the German vintage Riesling Dr. Loosen Indutiomarus Riesling 1981. The declared cost of the latter is 4284 USDC.

Here is a short guide on how to buy WineFT:

1. Register on the WineChain platform.

2. Get a crypto wallet from a partner of the Magic project.

3. Top up your wallet in USDC.

4. Choose and buy WineFT to your taste. Later you can drink it, keep it in the WineChain vault or sell it to other wine enthusiasts!

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