CryptoGPT Project

The unexpected, loud, mind-blowing success of ChatGPT has made its own adjustments to the work of many companies, and especially in the IT industry.

A variety of projects using artificial intelligence, neural networks and chat bots have become more popular than ever. The cryptocurrency market is also experiencing a wave of interest. So far, no one has achieved the success of ChatGPT, but some projects are already attracting a significant audience. For example, the CryptoGPT project.

CryptoGPT Project

CryptoGPT, based on the ZK Layer-2 blockchain, has already achieved important milestones since its launch in the second half of 2022:

Audience: 2.4 million users;

Project capitalization: $15 million;

Current price of native CryptoGPT LayerAI (LAI) token: $0.02292 (end of May 2023);

Number of tokens for sale: 3 billion (20% of the total).

Following a recent Series A funding round involving market maker DWF Labs, this Layer-2 project has been valued at $250 million. The company plans to increase the number of users to 5 million already in the second (current) quarter of 2023 and reach 10 million in the next quarter.

The CryptoGPT project team consists of successful people. CryptoGPT is a collaboration between DAO Maker, StepApp/Primal. The CEO of the startup is Jamila Jelani, who previously worked in marketing at Alibaba Group.

CTO - Dejan Yerya, former CEO of Ripple Gatehub, ETH scaling expert.

The head of the app ecosystem is Art Bagdonas, who led the European startup HomeToGo.

Benefits of the CryptoGPT Project

The main advantages of the CryptoGPT project are the marketing hype around the topic of artificial intelligence and chatbots. The project was able to "hook" on this topic. The CryptoGPT token is now known to everyone thanks to the success of the chatbot of the same name.

It is also important to note the project's partnership with DAO Maker, a well-known IDO platform. The IDO (Initial DEX Offering) mechanism consists in issuing tokens backed by liquidity pools on the DEX.

It can also be considered as an advantage the strategy of "earnings on personal data". In popular M2E and P2E projects, to get tokens, you need to "move" - walk, play, or, if there is no other way out, immediately buy NFTs. It's not easy to get access to a token. However, CryptoGPT Launcher promises passive income by collecting user data in any application you like.

AI to Earn

The new startup describes itself as a data revolution. At the same time, he promises users a new "AI to Earn" earnings model (let's make money together, huh?).

Users will be able to:

Sell your data to medical companies, educational projects and other users.

Sell permission to use your AI data to improve neural networks and create new applications.

The motto of CryptoGPT itself is: "Turn every task of everyday life into a source of income."

The AI ecosystem of the project allows you to store and process large amounts of data, providing participants with complete confidentiality and security. Not only artificial intelligence is responsible for storing the provided personal information, but also ZK-rollups - zero-knowledge proofs. Aggregated data is recorded, stored and transmitted using the Data Capsule NFT.

The CryptoGPT token itself can be used for network transactions, staking, payment of fees, etc. Tokenomics also provides for venture capital investment, buyback, burning and increase in profitability.

The project receives income from:

Network fees;

main applications;

GPT data market;

Sales of Data Capsule NFTs.

Possible token unlocks remain unknown for now, but it is known that 10% has been allocated to the token generation event (TGE) for ordinary investors, and 20% for stakers. Then a 90-day cliff is planned, after which there will be a monthly unlock of 4.5% for regular members and 4% for stakers. The company recommends that you follow regular notices for accurate information.

Prospects for CryptoGPT

At the moment, the popularity of chatbots is at its peak, but voices are already beginning to sound about a possible change in the trend. And here the obvious question arises: what to do next? CryptoGPT decided to go the way of expanding the functionality as much as possible.

The project recently launched an AI assistant named Alex. In addition, the company is developing a data-to-AI mechanism that will collect, encrypt and transmit data for commercial applications. Thus, even if interest in chatbots declines, CryptoGPT will be able to offer useful solutions to the market.

In the WORLD TRADE CENTER (WTC) you will not be able to buy LAI today, but many other currencies and exchange formats are available to you. And first of all, USDT. Wherever you are, Georgia, UAE, Europe, Asia - we will always tell you how to buy crypto, or how to exchange it for cash, manager's checks or transfer to a card.

P.S. At the time of writing this article, ChatGPT was not affected :)